I'll never forget the day.  My first year of college, One my required classes was English Literature.  Honestly, I was less than thrilled.  English Lit was not on my bucket list.

I arrived early to find a good seat at the back of the room.  (The last thing I wanted was to walk in late and get one of the front row seats.). The professor came in a few minutes late, looking a lot like Jack Black would today. 

In a passionate voice he said two words "Welcome everyone! I am your Teacher - Dr. Davis, but rather thinking of me as yet another teacher, think of me as a Guide on your journey."  I glanced around the room to see if others heard what I heard.  Then he continued. "The most important think you need to know is this." He then grabbed a piece of chalk walked up to the black board and wrote down three words.   

Words Have Power

"Your first exercise is for you to write. I want you to each write an essay on why "Words Have Power".  He then looked at his watch.  "You have 20 minutes.  Write whatever comes to mind. Don't erase. Don't cross-out.  Just write on why words have power.  And you start now!"

That one exercise would change everything for me.  Writing unlocked secrets I didn't know I had.  It's why I write today.

Over the years I've written of few articles, papers and essays -- some of then you can call them blogs.  A few I've actually turned into books.  Let me know what you think of these writings.  My greatest hope is that you'll also discover that "Words Have Power" 

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