Are You Living Like a Champion?

What if you lived life like you were training for the Olympics? What would you do different? 

That’s the question I asked myself that stopped me in my tracks.

I realized I wasn’t playing full out. Yes, there are days I’m giving everything I have – and I’m leaving it out on the field wherever I am present, but there are many days that I just don’t’ have it. There are days I just don’t give it my best and I fail to FOCUS.


It’s not because of a lack of intent. I want to play full out. My aspirations are there. The reason why I don’t FINISH is because I can get out of balance.

The balance revelation drew my attention to something called the Eight Dimensions of Wellness. Maybe you have heard of them.  Here's a hokie graphic that illustrates them.  (thanks Adobe Stock)

Here are the 8 in no particular order. Each of them have an equal weight of importance and value.

  1. Occupational
  2. Social
  3. Emotional
  4. Physical
  5. Intellectual
  6. Environmental
  7. Financial
  8. Spiritual 

The truth is I can do better in each of these areas, and my guess is that YOU CAN TOO!

More importantly, I don’t need to sacrifice one area for another. Yet, I often do. Those can be moments of regret.

For example, I might sacrifice my Physical well-being for an Occupational pursuit, which makes feel depleted later, or brings about a chronic physical struggle. Or I might sacrifice my Financial security for an Emotional impulse, which makes my bank account vulnerable. The list goes on for each of these.

New Focus

So, if I was living my life like I was training for the Olympics my fear is that I’d neglect some of these eight dimensions. But what if I was living my life like each of these where a medal to win? How would that change me?

That’s the power question that I’m drawn too.

Imagine if you could win the Gold medal in Emotion, Environmental and Financial. How much more satisfying would life be for you? Imagine the impact for others around you too? 

The good news is this. Each of us can get be better in all 8 of the areas – not just 2 or 3.

My proposal is simple…

Set a goal to get just a little better in each dimension, each week.  

Think of it this way. If you get just 1% better in each dimension each week, then a year out you’ve improved by 416%.  I call it "The 416 Effect"

8 dimensions x 1% x 52 weeks = 416% BETTER

Here are some prompts to get you going to experience "The 416 Effect." You are encouraged to add others to it.


One small thing I can do to better my work life is…

  • Reach out to _____
  • Prepare in advance for ____
  • Update colleagues on ____ 


One small thing I can do to better my social life is…

  • Invite someone to ____
  • Share a favorite moment with ___
  • Send a note to ______
  • Make _____ Night each week a family / friends game night


One small thing I can do to improve my emotional intelligence is…

  • Acknowledge what I am feeling when something frustrating happens
  • Take time to breath – wait 10 seconds – before reacting
  • Remind myself of something I am grateful for – or a “soundtrack” that keeps me anchored


One small thing I can do to better my health is …

  • Turn off my computer at ____ pm each night
  • Drink water instead of soda
  • Talk a walk for ____ minutes each day
  • Stand for ______ minutes each day


One small thing I can do to improve my awareness and knowledge is…

  • Read a book for at least ___ minutes each day
  • Listen to a podcast on the way to work
  • Share what I learned with at least 2 or 3 other people. <- this feeds Social tool 


One small thing I can do to improve my environment and surroundings is…

  • Tidy up my office area for ____ minutes each day
  • Take one thing to Goodwill today
  • Clean up one room per day


One small thing I can do to better my finances is…

  • Set up auto pay for one of your bills…
  • Lock up my credit card for the next ____. Days
  • Sell something I don’t you don’t need.
  • Kill a reoccurring subscription you don’t really use any more.


One small thing I can do to better my faith walk is…

  • Read something from the bible or a devotional
  • Ask ____________ to pray for me
  • Pray for ____________ , that their needs would be met
  • Journal my thoughts in the morning for ____ minutes each day. 


416% Better. That’s a goal worth pursuing. If we train like it’s an Olympic event – let’s call it The Octathlon – we’ll be winning in life. Imagine the exhilaration of medaling in that competition. The good news is you can.

The better news is just a small improvement in each of the dimensions actually helps boost and feed other dimensions.  Think of it this way.  If you improve your Physical health, it's going to increase your capacity in Intellectual, Emotional and Occupational health  as well.  The key is to make small improvements -- not go for big ones.  Going for big ones might sacrifice your production in an other area.  But small ones create new habits that feed and support other areas. 

Now go break some average!


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