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life perseverance Nov 14, 2021

Hi friends,

I recently shared the story that I have been so hesitant to share. It's my story. A story of challenge and pursuit as it relates to an unexpected medical diagnosis a few years back. If nothing else, I hope my story encourages you in some small way. Here it is.

I want to encourage you, don't let the obstacles and the set backs keep you from living forward. Continue to imagine. create. explore and discover :-). Continue to break average no matter what life throws your way. 


I was honored to share this story from the John Maxwell IMC event stage with other speech finalists on Sept 1, 2021 - who I now call friends. They inspired and motivated me with their amazing stories. From them, I was reminded that we all have challenges that come our way. Life is not easy. But it is so worth it, if we just keep moving. Inside each of us we have a story like that to share. It's often a story of perseverance, which is the center point of all leadership.

Shout out to Roddy Galbraith (and his wife Susan) for his mentorship and leadership to help each of us as we crafted and tailored our message. Not only that, Roddy's own story that he shared from the stage touched me in a way that I didn't see coming. For me, without his encouragement, and others (see below), I'm not sure I would have shared my story. Honestly, I didn't want my challenge to be known. There are so many people with MS, I know I am not the only one. The truth is, MS affects people in so many different ways. And there is some amazing treatment, and incredible doctors that are making a difference. But know this, the first thing any surprise medical diagnosis tries to do is rob you of your hopes and dreams. It wants to take over your mind  -- and it will if you let it.

The first thing any surprise medical diagnosis tries to do is rob you of your hopes and dreams. It wants to take over your mind -- and it will if you let it.

As I shared in my message, I am so thankful for the nurse who told me the story of the runners. She gave me a different picture. MS maybe something I have, but it's not something that I'm going to let have me. And John Maxwell, through his prayer, reminded me that God still orders our steps. That we are still created for a purpose, and that despite our challenges, we have significant opportunities to make a difference. But "we" have to choose to make that difference!

Some people I want to thank include my wife Barb, Mike Harbour, Richard Mobley, Jay Johnson, Dave Cornell, Daniel Hammond, Doug Taylor, Fu, Jarvis Bailey,, Joe D., Rick Morris, Joe Caliri, Larry Root, Steve Goss, Roddy and Susan Galbraith, Michael, Ryan, Wani, and mentors like John Maxwell, Paul Martinelli, and Mark Batterson. I am so thankful for the support we get from the people and mentors in our lives. Each of you and so many more are precious to me.

#Be Well


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