Don’t Forget the FUN

attitude Sep 04, 2021

Heath Ledger, playing the role of the villainous Joker in the Batman series, had a famous line that often causes me to rethink.

Why so Serious?

It’s a great question to ponder. Admittedly, I sometimes get way too serious in my work and in life.  That serious bit, causes me to stress more, live less, and miss out on great experiences and relationships. I often realize later – usually after the moment – that I missed an opportunity to really connect and be present. 

So, what’s the antidote going forward. Well, there’s a short little anagram, which is just a fancy word for acrostic, to home in on embracing fun daily. As you can guess, it spells the word FUN. Each letter means something specific.

Be Focused

Focus – the right focus – will keep you out of trouble. Focus means to be fully present. To be aware of what’s happening in the present. Not the past. Not the future. But right now!

Focus means being attentive and motivated at the same time. To have the right focus ask yourself. "What needs my focus right now – in the moment that I’m given in the here and now?"

More importantly, ask your self,"WHO needs my focus?"

The right focus allows you to think of how you can add true value to others, and how the environment and those around you, are lifting your spirits.   Focus will also help you stay aligned with your values too, and that helps you live intentionally. 

Be Unafraid

I know what you might be thinking, “Unafraid – how is that possible when some much is happening around us?” Sure, life can be scary. There are definitely moments that will catch us in fear, yet we can still live unafraid despite the fear. Unafraid, means you can be courageous in the midst of fear. Unafraid, means you being you! 

I came across an image that said it well. 

"There's no better beauty that she who is unafraid to be herself."   

That's powerful. 

“Un” - in the word unafraid -- is Latin. Many think it’s synonymous for “not” – like not afraid. But “un” is actually more like a verb. It means “to oppose.” So unafraid means to oppose fear. That means to acknowledge the fear that exists, and then face it head on.

How do you oppose fear?

You push against it. You step through the challenge, despite the fear. When that happens you embrace courage, and fun always requires courage. Some of the elements of courage include the following:

  • Courage to be with people you may not yet know.
  • Courage to experience something you may not have previously faced.
  • Courage to lead when you may not feel like you are fully qualified for the task.

Being unafraid is a choice, and it’s a choice that will move you from your current confinement (maybe self-imposed imprisonment) to brand new horizons (i.e. freedom).

One more thing.  The concept of "Be Unafraid', is  actually a forgotten commandment in the bible,  70 times in the NIV translation the phrase, “Do not be afraid” is identified. which is more than any other commandment.  BUT what it’s really saying is be unafraid.  In other words, oppose the fear, face the challenge, and step in faith.  You can’t experience FUN unless you oppose the fear. Be unafraid! 

Be Nourished

Let’s face it, nothing does the body, mind, or spirt more good than proper nourishment. Nourishment is about promoting growth. It means to cultivate, advance, encourage, and foster progress. When we feel nourished, we feel more alive and rejuvenated.

The cool thing is that we can be nourishment for other people too. In fact, nourishment is a flywheel. When we are nourished. We nourish others. When we nourish others, we receive nourishment back. One feeds the other. 

I think the best picture of nourishment is painted by the words of Elizabeth Bourgeret.

“Love begets love. If you show it, you will feel it. If you give it, you will receive it.”

In other words, nourishment begets nourishment.  When you really think about it, nourishment is a love carrier.  Love is caring for yourself, caring for others, being thankful, kind, considerate, and patient.

Nourish others as you would nourish yourself. 

"I am Fun"

To close out on this topic of fun, take on the affirmation that you are fun. Go ahead and say it. “I am fun.” 

Seriously.  Say it. 

“I am --- fun.”
“I am --- focused”
“I am --- unafraid”
“I am --- nourished”

Fun is a three-step choice. It’s about being Focused, Unafraid, and Nourished

Think of each of these words as action words to live by. They are both verbs and adjectives. Verbs that describe your approach to living, and adjectives that reveal your character of how you live.

Knowing that you are fun, and that you are designed to enjoy fun. Encourage  yourself and others to step into it each day – that it's a choice given to you. It has nothing to do with with your personality.  You don't need to be an extrovert, or be hilariously funny, or be independently wealthy.  You just need to embrace the moment and learn to enjoy and accept others.  When you do, you’ll find that the ROF – the Return On Fun -- is joy, satisfaction, encouragement, gratitude, success, friendship, fellowship, experiences, and more. It is life giving.  Fun doesn't take away life -- it gives life, and that's because FUN is a state of being.  

Be well. Be You.  Be Fun.




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