Got Alignment?

values Nov 06, 2022

Let me ask you a question.  Would you drive your car if it wasn't properly aligned? 

Let's say it pulls hard to the left.  Are you okay with taking it on the road knowing that it could swerve into oncoming traffic?  I bet not.

So, if you wouldn't drive a car with proper alignment, then why do people live their life without proper alignment?  

It's a fascinating question. I think the reason is that most people don't even know that they are out of alignment. They live life with off kilter and wander. Eventually those who wander are those who get lost. 

There's perhaps an even better word picture to describe the challenge.

The Challenge

Every six weeks or so, I drive about a hundred miles from my home to see Dr. Mike, a chiropractor in Charlottesville.  Dr. Mike is one of the best in the country when it comes to physiological alignment. When I arrive, he measures me to see how far I'm off, and then gently adjustments my alignment based on those readings. Afterwords, he measures me again. The funny thing is, I never know I'm out of alignment until he measures me and I get back aligned.  Honestly, once I am aligned, I feel physically better.  I can tell. And for someone with MS like myself, that's big deal.

But this article isn't about our physiological alignment -- it's really about our life alignment.  I believe most people fail to have clear vision for their life because they are out of alignment and don't know it.

This brings me back to my Dr. Mike word picture.  When I first started with him, I was badly out of balance physically -- but, again, I didn't even know it.  I thought, when I walked in on Day One, I was going to be the rare patient who was actually good to go. Admittedly, I was there to support my wife who was seeing him and I wanted to learn more about what this Dr. Mike was all about.  It didn't take long for him to gain my trust.  That's also when I learned I had one leg that was longer than the other. My weight wasn't evenly distributed between my left and right when I stood  I had extensive tension in my neck according to his scan. And then I sheepishly admitted to him that I had a chronic pain in my back and especially my hips and knees. That's when it dawned on me -- I was out definitely out alignment. Plain and simple I was "off kilter"  I thought my aches was just a sign of the times as one gets older. But the truth was -- I needed some work. Over time he got me back on track. But it's not a one and done operation. I need to occasionally go and get a micro-adjustments.  Alignment is like that.

But this article isn't about the value of a chiropractor. This article is about living your life with greater alignment. 

Alignment is what creates a space to get clarity in all facets of your life. Think about it. You are in the center of everything you do.  Alignment helps you see better and be better in your pursuits, your relationships, and your mental well being. 

One Way

If there was just one way to get our minds aligned, what would it be?

It starts that getting clarity on our values is ultra-important.  Values give us greater purpose, and focus on our pursuits. 

What I love about Dr. Mike is that he is a values based guy. He takes time to know your values as it relates your physical well being -- of what you want to achieve. And then he offers his own values to guide you. That's what great leaders do .  Sharing of values is the foundation of vision. 

When it comes to alignment in life  We need to be clear on our values so that we can be aligned and guide others.

Recently Barry Smith and I had a chance to dive deeper on this topic.   You can catch it on YouTube - or wherever you tune into your favorite Podcasts.   Give it a listen or a watch.  Share the links.  Let us know what you think. 


*off kilter -- I know I just set myself up for some light hearted ribbing.  Feel free.  :-)



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