What To Do (When Christmas is Over)

Christmas is a big build up.  It starts Black Friday and then for four plus weeks it doesn't stop.  Holiday Music. Lights. Parties. Santa. Shopping. Sweets. Presents. Glitter Cards. Then we get to Christmas Eve and Christmas and it's Magic! But the day after Christmas, it suddenly stops. 

What happened to the magic?

On Facebook and Instagram.  We might see pics of what was. Smiles. Presents. Trees.  But the trees are coming down. The Party is over. Christmas is now in the rear view mirror. 

It's that lull between Christmas and the New Year -- that's a weird state.   Can we just fix that?

The question of the day is how do we recover?

I have some tips.  But be warned, these aren't tips that come easy.  I deal with the after math of the post Christmas blues myself every year.  It takes me a bit to remember how to recover.  Here are my tips.

Tip #1 - Rewind

I call this my "Go Back" Tip, and it's #1 for a reason.  It's easy -- and fun!

Grab your phone.  Peruse through the year of pics that you took. Find a couple that mark the year.  Any tough moments?   Save one or two of them off.  Any mountain top moments?  Save two or three of those off too.   

Tip #2 - Reflect

The rewind starts you reflecting about your journey. The last 12 months of been likely a heck of a ride.  There are have been ups and downs.  

Look at the tough moments.  Why where they tough?  Be honest with yourself.  How did it feel to go through that tough time? How does it feel now though?  How have you changed?

Look also at the highlight moments.  Why are they special?  What did it mean to you?  Why do you cherish those moments?

If we don't evaluate the experience then the experience may never matter. 

Tip #3 - Write From Your Past About the Present

Now is the time to grab a notebook and simply write.  Look at those pics, and consider the thoughts you have.  Write your story of your year, but write it as if you are a year younger (a year back).  Write it to encourage you, but in a prophetic voice. I'll share what i wrote at the close of this blog.

Tip #4 - Write a P.S. From the Future

Now that you've written about the year you just had, it's time to do a little tweak. The letter isn't just for you to chronicle the past year, it's to mark who are still becoming.  Take a few minutes to write a P.S. to encourage the you that is still stepping into the future,  but before you do, re-read what you just wrote.  

How does what you wrote encourage you for the year ahead?

Answer this question in your P.S.


To close - let me share a portion of what I wrote in my letter for this year.   This encourages me, but I hope it might encourage you too. If I was going to add a fifth tip I'd say say - share your letter too.   What if it might encourage someone you love and care for? We don't travel around the sun alone!


I have seen your future. This next year has some great moments ahead.  Times with family. Amazing trips. Great connections. Amazing meals.  New opportunities. YES! There will be some challenges, but rest assured you and your family will get through them.  Stay strong.  Stay positive.  Be encouraged. 

Know that people will be influenced by how you respond to adversity.  Be mindful of that. When the arrows fly, just keep going.  You are more than a conqueror. When you feel doubt or discouragement, know that it will only last for short periods. It will pass. Hang in there with hope. Hope is the core to your being. 

Remember Who the source of your hope is. Like the sun reflects the moon, let your being reflect the Hope. Trust God.  He will light your path, but sometimes it will only be one step at time But bring others with you on the path. Be strong. Be courageous. 

P.S.  2023 has some incredible opportunities too.  Let each day be a masterpiece.  Focus on what's there in front of you.  The Light shines on each day.  We don't always see the future, but we see the present.  Look to lead. Look to inspire.  Look to simplify.  Life is not about what you get, it's about what you give.  Find joy in the giving.  Be the gift.

P.S.S.  Love yourself. You'll find that lets you better love others.





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