How to be Extraordinary

courage simventions Dec 05, 2021

My colleague and friend Joe Caliri, who is the President for us at SimVentions, and has a passion for others, asked me about a year ago to write a guest blog post.  I came across it recently, and thought I'd share it with you. It offers a glimpse of what the company we get to work for is all about.  Enjoy! 

 How to be Extraordinary 

  • Walt Disney 
  • Jesse Owens 
  • Wilbur and Orville Wright  
  • Mother Teressa  
  • Oprah Winfrey 
  • Neil Armstrong 
  • Michael Jordan 

When you see these list of names, you might think greatness. After all, their accomplishments and achievements are pretty significant, aren’t they? 

The truth is they had their doubts, their challenges, and their frustrations.  They were like anyone else.  Yet, despite the odds, they rose above the fray and left their mark on the world. 

Story after story – going back to the Bible, and throughout the course of history  – you’ll find it’s the ordinary who are called to do the extra ordinary.  In fact those that struggled the most, yet persisted, are the ones who were the most extraordinary later on.  

What if the same was to be true of you?  And what if we – SimVentions - are called to be extraordinary too? After all, it’s why we created the business.  We didn’t create one to be ordinary. 

The question though is, how do we become extraordinary? 

In wrestling with this question, I went back to look at the lives and businesses of others.  I wanted to see what it takes to break average.  Here are three things that I discovered. 

  • Each of them had a vision. 
  • Each of them collaborated with someone else (they had help) 
  • Each of them chose an attitude of resilience (they went through some stuff) 

Vision, Collaboration, Resilience. The founding of our nation, the landing on the moon, the creation of SimVentions have all had these three elements.  But there was one more thing that I found percolating to the top that makes ALL the difference – one more thing that creates sustainment.     

Those that were extraordinary and sustained it were focused on Full Spectrum Innovation.  That means they were continual learners.  The spectrum includes personal development, technical development and corporate development.  Full Spectrum Innovation is about being growth minded.  When you are growth minded, you never get bored.  When you are growth minded, you go from ordinary to extraordinary.  

I don’t know about you, but I want that to be said about us!  Together, let’s go make a difference. Let’s go be extraordinary! 


Thanks Joe for the prompt you gave me in writing this. You are someone whom I am thankful for everyday, and help me be a better leader!

I reminded also of how much I love our SimV team, and love what we get to do.  We deliver innovation -- even in the midst of a pandemic.  

To each of you thank you for all your contributions in making a difference in the lives of others. And you are extraordinary.  

For those wanting to work for an innovation focused company like SimVentions, we would LOVE for you to connect with us. Here's a link.   


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