Books to Lead - "The Vision Driven Leader"

books podcast vision Oct 18, 2021

Alright!  I could hardly wait to share this one.  We are on to our next amazing book on our segment of "Books to Lead" on the Breaking Average Podcast. This past week Rick and I dive into a book that is fresh and relevant, and were' sure that you'll want to grab. It's the The Driven Vision Leader by Michael Hyatt. 

We share our favorite insights, and how it can be used to strategize, visualize, and help you and your team. The subtitle for the book says everything in what it offers, "10 Questions to Focus Your Efforts, Energize Your Team, and Scale Your Business." Once again, we know you're going to love this podcast and going to love Michael's book.  

Please let us know how much you enjoy this book our podcast by sharing a comment below. 

If you want even MORE on this book, check out my blog review a few months back that unpacks more bits.  This is info we allude to on the podcast.  It's bonus material! 


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