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Imagine explores the powers of the imagination and how you can put it to greater use. Discover how your imagination gives sight to your hope, hindsight from your experiences, and insight into your opportunities. 

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Your imagination will either lift you or limit you.  For many, what holds us back is what we imagine. But our imagination also can unlock the possible. Bono shares it this way. "Imagination, What in there is yours to take."

How do you see the world? Do you see opportunity or challenge? What if you can see things in a new light?  Discover how to rebuild your confidence and get clarity in the things that matter most.  

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What Others Are Saying About IMAGINE

“IMAGINE offers a fresh approach to leading from the inside out. Its combination of science and stories will spark new ideas — and open your eyes to the hidden possibilities around us." Daniel H. Pink

“IMAGINE captures the essence of what it takes to be future minded yet situationally aware of the present. Both are critical to how you live and how you lead.” - Mark Batterson

“Einstein called Imagination "a preview of life's coming attractions." He went on to add that it's "more important than knowledge." This book is a fresh take on how to make better use of it. I highly recommend it." - Dr. Daniel Amen, MD

“IMAGINE offers a grand tour into the realm of imagination. Whether you’re creating a vision for yourself or for your team, organization, family, community, or nation, let this invaluable resource be your guide.” Dr. Gloria J. Burgess

“Paul is a student of leadership and growing systems and people. In his newest book, this passion and commitment comes through with clarity and competence." Kary Oberbrunner

“Paul Gustavson uses the power of story to take us on a journey to recognize and grow in our imaginative abilities. He provides us with practical examples, tools, and exercises to cultivate the power of imagination that is within each one of us."
Dave Cornell


Breaking Average

The Seven Critical Factors to Team Strong Leadership

Discover How To:

  • Share a vision with the team
  • Gather Insight from others
  • Cultivate greater team chemistry
  • Develop deeper trust
  • Create a sense of ownership
  • Become more resilient

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Permission to Be Bold

A Guide to Loving Yourself, Living Fully, and Leaving Your Mark on the World

Learn How To:

  • Enjoy life without feeling guilty
  • Reframe your thinking
  • Step out of hiding and shine your light
  • Leverage your strengths 
  • Multiply your growth without burning out

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Speech Blueprint

Using Simon Sinek’s TED Talk as a Model to “Inspire Action”

Learn How To:

  • Create audience connection

  • Pose key questions

  • Shape your stories

  • Tie in compelling research

  • Pivot through presentation difficulties

  • Use visual tools

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Leaders Press On

Discovering the Power of Perseverance

Real leadership requires perseverance.  Nothing is ever really easy.  But it's worth it if we learn stay the course, navigating through these four phases.:

  • Imagine the Possible
  • Create the Future
  • Explore the Opportunities
  • Discover the Bigger Picture

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Unlock the Factors You Need for Your Journey

Discover what it takes to break average, by grabbing this book today. This book is designed to help you right away by making a difference at a time that makes a difference. Learn to turn challenges into opportunities. Grab a copy today

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"To offer fresh resources that encourage and equip readers
with stories and strategies for leading."

Here are the books we have to date:

- Imagine
- Breaking Average
- Permission to Be Bold
- Speech Blueprint
- Leaders Press On

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"A Ground Breaking Book"

We're super excited about the release of this new resource.  This book reflects years of work -- research and experience - from a cadre of leaders. 

The book is available on Amazon - or wherever great books are sold.  

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Advanced Praise for Breaking Average

"Breaking Average is an important read for any leader who wants to elevate their team and multiply the influence and impact that they can make.”

—    Mark Batterson
New York Times best-selling author, 
The Circle Maker
Lead Pastor of National Community Church

"Interesting stories and actionable ideas will help you create a successful team or lead the team you have more effectively. Break average by reading and using this book!!" 

—    Mark Sanborn
New York Times best-selling author of The Fred Factor

“Breaking Average is a skillfully-crafted, insightful resource for anyone who seeks to develop a high-performance team. Written from experience, wisdom, and a deep understanding of how leaders develop collaborative cultures, Breaking Average is approachable, refreshing, and empowering! It is filled with actionable tools that inspire and activate business success through team performance!”

—    Joseph Michelli
Author, The Airbnb Way, and Driven to Delight

What is Team Strong Leadership?

Team Strong leadership represents a team that has clear vision and drawn on the insight of others through collaboration and trust. It is characterized by a sense of ownership, a resilience to be courageous, and a commitment to the unique cause of breaking average.

Join us today, and start learning how to break average in your business and endeavoers. We can't wait to hear your stories!

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