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book brain leadership Nov 04, 2021

On the Breaking Average Podcast, we unpack a revolutionary book that has more impact now, then when it was first written.  It's Simon Sinek's book Leaders Eat Last. 

Join Paul and Rick as they share great insights from this book.  Also included below are some helpful resources to further unpack the book and podcast.   

We encourage to check out all the resources and online classes that Simon and his team offer by visiting their web site at

We have a few resources inspired from the book that are highlighted below to help you unpack this even further.

This first view  reflects the goals of a good leader.   The desire is to create a circle a circle of safety with those in our care.  This is important component to breaking averaging.

This next view gives you a glimpse of the power of our neurotransmitters in creating this "circle of safety."   What we need to watch for our is the Cortisol, and over stimulation from Dopamine.  But keep in mind the healthy transmitters like Endorphins, and Serotonin, and Oxytocin, which boosts are immune system.

This next view reflects a bit more on how our two different parts of the brain respond when we create a circle of safety. The power of a circle of safety is magnified exponentially when those aligned values, are rowing in the same direction.

What Paul and Rick share on the podcast, regarding this next image, is the curiosity of how this this picture has changed since covid.  Has our selfless / trust oriented quality dipped even further? 

The challenge that Simon Sinek leaves us with is the penultimate question that every leader must tackle with some frequency,  "Who are you leading?"

Be sure to take time to think through this final question.  The follow on might be, "Are you creating a circle of safety? "  A key quality to making this happen is courage.  

We hope our podcast encourages you to grab a copy of Simon's book from Amazon or wherever you buy high quality books. 



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