Set You Free

Do you want to know what the most POWERFUL act in the world is?

It's forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the act or process of forgiving or being forgiven:  It means to let go. 
If there is something holding you down, then it needs to be let go.  Is there a resentment, a past misstep, a guilty conscious, an apprehension, a beef?  Are you silently beating yourself up, and maybe taking it out on others?
Today's challenge -- Forgive yourself! Set the prisoner free.
No, you may not be perfect.  Nobody is. But you are perfectly purposed to make an impact.

The scripture makes it simple:  Do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly. - Micah 6:8.   

Those are powerful words that shape us. Forgiveness is the center point of all three.   

Forgive yourself.  

Be the kind of person that matter most. 

Forgive yourself and Do Justly.
Forgive yourself and Love Mercy. 
Forgive yourself and Walk Humbly.  

Those are the kind of peeps that matter most. That's you!!!!
It starts with forgiveness.

Man in the Mirror 

Here's a tip - go to the mirror and look at yourself.
When you look at your reflection - you are no longer anchored by your past.  You are looking at your present.    You now need to have a conversation with your present self and get your past self out of your head.
Try saying this.

Hey you.  You are holding yourself back.   
You are better than this.  You are loved.  You are cherished.  You are adored by the One who created you.  You were made for a purpose. You are made to love and live.   
You are the present me And I love you! 
I'm sorry I haven't loved you enough before.
Today -- this moment -- I'm going to love you again.
Look, you are made to do right in the world.   
Look for the little things to serve others. 
Be Kind...
Be kind to yourself. 
Be kind to the world. 
And the world will be kind to you.

Go. Do. Good.
The past is over.   
The present is here.  It's a gift. 
Seize the moment.  

Remember - it doesn't count unless you can fail.
You got this! 
Night Cap
At end of the day.  Check back in with yourself.  Face yourself in the mirror one more time.  Try these words.
Hey, I am proud of you.  
I am thankful for who you were today. 
You showed up.
You delivered.
You gave it your best shot!
That's all I could ask for.
Tomorrow is going to be even better!

I am thankful to God for creating you!
I love you! 
I love me!

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