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Season 5 Episodes 

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Season 5 brings you Barry Smith in the co-host seat.  Join us every week as we talk about the 12 powers of imagination that will change your leadership and change your life.

Watch for each episode in the list below!

Season 5 is now in play. But you can also go back and listen to the previous seasons of The Breaking Average Podcast (previously called the Transformational Leader Podcast). We often welcome some of the greatest minds and pioneers who are out there who are making a difference. Join us each week.

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Where to Find Us?

 We are featured this year not only on all major podcast platforms, but also the Empowered Living community.     Tune in every Thursday at noon!   Find us also on YouTube! 

Season 2 - Recent Shows on YouTube

Life is about getting out of our comfort zone and helping others win!  We created a podcast to celebrate leaders breaking average and to explore what things we can do to change our world. Here are the previous batch of shows featured on YouTube, or find us where ever you listen to podcasts.

Episode 34

The Yes Factor - Part 1

Don't forget the Invitation

Episode 35

The Yes Factor - Part 2

Alignment Matters

Episode 36

The Yes Factor - Part 3

Believe the Truth

Episode 31

The Resilience Factor - Part 1

 Acknowledge the Challenges

Episode 32

The Resilience Factor - Part 2

Persevere through the middle

Episode 33

The Resilience Factor - Part 3

Learning how to Overcome

Episode 28

The Ownership Factor - Part 1

You've got to Define It!

Episode 29

The Ownership Factor - Part 2

The Gift of Empowerment

Episode 30

The Ownership Factor - Part 3

Implement Solutions

Episode 25

The Trust Factor - Part 1

Be Credible to be incredible

Episode 26

The Trust Factor - Part 2

It's about Dependability

Episode 27

The Trust Factor - Part 3

It's all about how we Serve.

Episode 22

Collaboration Factor - Part 1

Commit to Communicate

Episode 23

Collaboration Factor - Part 2

Co-operate makes a team

Episode 24

Collaboration Factor - Part 3

Interaction over transaction

Episode 19

Insight Factor - Part 1

 Foresight - Intuition's Friend

Episode 20

Insight Factor - Part 2

Hindsight - Blindspot Removal

Episode 21

Insight Factor - Part 3

Engage-sight - New Power

Episode 16

Vision Factor - Part 1

Dream It

Episode 17

Vision Factor - Part 2

Declare It

Episode 18

Vision Factor - Part 3

Deliver It

About Season 2 

Life is about getting out of our comfort zone and helping others win!  We created a podcast to celebrate leaders breaking average and explore what things we can do to change our world. 

Join us each week for powerful discussions on what it takes to Break Average, and be Team Strong Leaders. The influencers we interview share a common desire in helping others break average. Our guests include:

  • Mark Miller (Chick-fil-A),
  • Mark Batterson (best-selling author)
  • Gloria Burgess (speaker/author)
  • Paul Martinelli (John Maxwell Team)
  • Stephen Shedletzky (Simon Sinek),
  • David Horsager (speaker/author)
  • Coach John Mosley (Netflix Last Chance U)
  • and many more

Tune in each week. Also, watch the show on the Empowered Living network powered by Facebook!

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Season 1  

We started in early 2019, under the title the Transformational Leader Podcast.  We invite you to access all 67 of our past podcast episodes. 

Special shout out to Paul Martinelli, Mark Cole, Chris Robinson and the entire John Maxwell Team for their support.  Each week, Mike Harbour and I sat down with great Though Leaders to talk about leadership. Most podcasts also featured our colleague Rick Morris and we often invited a few friends to join us in the discussion like Diane Caine and Richard Mobley. We focused on key topics related to transformational leadership. Check them out. New ones come for Season 2 come out each Thursday.

The leaders we interviewed were considered for our annual John C. Maxwell Transformational Leadership Award. Every year we identified 100 great leaders, and then narrowed it down to 30, then 10, and then finally one. We would like to think of it as the Heisman Trophy of Leadership.

Congrats to past award winners:

  • Dr. Daniel. Amen,
  • Casey Crawford,
  • Bonnie St. John,
  • Ivan Misner,
  • Perry Noble, and
  • Tony Stewart

Binge Listen Last Year's Podcasts Too 

We are on all the major platforms. To get Season 1 podcasts, click the link below that works best with your device. We want to thank the John Maxwell Team for being our Season 1 sponsor!

Know a difference maker?

We are looking for those who are breaking average, and have great stories.   If you know someone who is a game changer, take a minute to share about that person! We are interested in influencers, thought leaders, and people who are changing the status quo on the show!

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