You Are Enough

May was Mental Health Awareness Month. I want to take a quick minute to talk about the significance of our mental stress and offer fifteen strategies that can help you and others stress less.

First - let's be honest.  Each of us deals with some level of mental stress. A quick search on Google will reveal some common symptoms of mental stress.

  • Over-burdened or overwhelmed
  • Irritable, frustrated, or impatient 
  • Anxious, nervous, or worried
  • Racing thoughts that you can't switch off
  • Uninterested or unable to enjoy life  
  • Feeling sad or feeling depressed
  • Feeling like you've lost your sense of humor

If you're like me, you've likely experienced one of these at some point in time -- likely many times. These are real conditions - real struggles for millions of people. You are not alone. It's why we have a Mental Awareness Month each year. Even Jesus experienced Mental Stress. (Think 40 days in the...

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