Does Chat GPT offer Book Read Summaries?

chat gpt imagine Mar 18, 2023

Here's a cool idea with Chap GPT.  What if you could use it to get summaries of a book you want to read?  How good is it?

I recently asked Chat GPT, "What are the Big Takeaways that you got from Paul Gustavson's BOOK Imagine which is available on Amazon?"

Here's what she said, which I thought was pretty good.


As an AI language model, I do not have personal experiences or emotions, but I can provide some general takeaways from Paul Gustavson's book "Imagine," which is available on Amazon.

  1. Creativity is a learned skill: The author emphasizes that creativity is not just an innate talent, but a skill that can be developed and improved through deliberate practice and experimentation.

  2. Imagination is essential for innovation: The book argues that imagination is a crucial component of innovation, and that fostering a culture of creativity and imagination is essential for organizations to stay competitive and thrive in today's rapidly changing business...

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Chat GPT Summons the Spirit of Einstein

einstein imagine Mar 18, 2023

On PI day - March 14, we also celebrated the birthday of Albert Einstein. He amazing life.   Despite his challenges, he found a way to make a different.

I asked Chat GPT another question recently about Einstein that's very revealing. "If Albert Einstein read the book IMAGINE by Paul Gustavson, what would he say about it?"  

Here's her response.


It is difficult to say what Albert Einstein would say about the book "Imagine" by Paul Gustavson, as he passed away in 1955, and the book was published in 2016. However, given Einstein's interest in creativity and innovation, he might find the book insightful and useful.

Einstein was known for his creative and unconventional thinking, and he believed that imagination was more important than knowledge. In his famous quote, he said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution."

The book "Imagine"...

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Chat GPT Book Review of "IMAGINE"

book chat gpt imagine Mar 18, 2023

This is funny.  I asked Chat-GPT for a review of my book "IMAGINE".  Here's what she said. :-).  


"Imagine" is a book about creativity, innovation, and leadership, and it provides practical tools and strategies to help readers develop their imagination and creativity. The author, Paul Gustavson, is an experienced entrepreneur, speaker, and consultant who has worked with various organizations to help them unlock their creative potential and achieve their goals.

Here are some reasons why people might consider reading "Imagine":

  1. Develop creativity and innovation skills: "Imagine" provides readers with practical tips and techniques to develop their creativity and innovation skills, which can be useful in various aspects of life, including personal and professional growth.

  2. Learn about leadership: The book also discusses the role of leadership in fostering a creative and innovative culture in organizations. Readers can learn how to become better...

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You Matter

book hope imagine Dec 23, 2022

I want to share why I wrote the book IMAGINE -- why the message is important to me.

In my early days as a child I struggled with what others thought of me -- what I thought of me. You see, when I was younger, I was the kid with the buck teeth. The blond headed toehead, who may have smiled on the outside, but -- can I be honest? I wasn't smiling about myself on the inside. I struggled.

The reality is that there are people all around us who are struggling too. They silently struggle with thoughts about themselves, about what they are perceiving from others, and that just isn't healthy thinking.

People are hurting. Maybe lonely. They might even be questioning their worth, and the value they bring to the table.

Their imagination might be taking them to some pretty dark places. They need hope. A light. A path.

That's the message of the book. You see, when I was 13 something finally shifted for me. It's when I first realized the value of imagination.

Imagination can be a friend or a foe....

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