What To Do (When Christmas is Over)

Christmas is a big build up.  It starts Black Friday and then for four plus weeks it doesn't stop.  Holiday Music. Lights. Parties. Santa. Shopping. Sweets. Presents. Glitter Cards. Then we get to Christmas Eve and Christmas and it's Magic! But the day after Christmas, it suddenly stops. 

What happened to the magic?

On Facebook and Instagram.  We might see pics of what was. Smiles. Presents. Trees.  But the trees are coming down. The Party is over. Christmas is now in the rear view mirror. 

It's that lull between Christmas and the New Year -- that's a weird state.   Can we just fix that?

The question of the day is how do we recover?

I have some tips.  But be warned, these aren't tips that come easy.  I deal with the after math of the post Christmas blues myself every year.  It takes me a bit to remember how to recover.  Here are my tips.

Tip #1 - Rewind

I call this my "Go Back" Tip,...

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You Matter

book hope imagine Dec 23, 2022

I want to share why I wrote the book IMAGINE -- why the message is important to me.

In my early days as a child I struggled with what others thought of me -- what I thought of me. You see, when I was younger, I was the kid with the buck teeth. The blond headed toehead, who may have smiled on the outside, but -- can I be honest? I wasn't smiling about myself on the inside. I struggled.

The reality is that there are people all around us who are struggling too. They silently struggle with thoughts about themselves, about what they are perceiving from others, and that just isn't healthy thinking.

People are hurting. Maybe lonely. They might even be questioning their worth, and the value they bring to the table.

Their imagination might be taking them to some pretty dark places. They need hope. A light. A path.

That's the message of the book. You see, when I was 13 something finally shifted for me. It's when I first realized the value of imagination.

Imagination can be a friend or a foe....

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The Write Mindset - How To Write a Book!

alignment books writing Dec 17, 2022

In this blog I share on why I write and something helpful for writing that I call "The Write Mindset." If you want to be a better writer -- or just have more clarity on what you do as a leader -- or maybe even write a book one day -- I encourage to consider the ideas shared in the short blog.  They have made a difference in my life, and I have a feeling they might have an impact for you too. Enjoy!

I have a new book that I am excited to share that will be released on Tuesday – Dec 20th.  It’s titled IMAGINE, a book about hope and this powerful tool we have upstairs called imagination. 

Imagination, to me, is like our own personal multiverse.  It lets us see endless what-if possibilities.  It can also take us back in time or even forward in time.  And in the present, we use it as an instrument to make decisions. It’s driven by primarily two things hope and fear.  The key to making...

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90+ Years of Adding Value

attitude life Nov 21, 2022

My Mom just turned 90 years young. Imagine reaching that milestone in your life.

For me, this means I am over 12,000 days shy of that mark. Presuming I have those number of days ahead (hopefully more), what am I going to do with the rest of those days?  Like my mom, I want to make those days count. 

I thought it would be fun to share a piece I wrote for my mom about how she has made her days count in the time I’ve known her. I hope you enjoy this. It’s meant to be lighthearted but also a reflection of a person who has made a difference in the life of others.

8 Days That Changed My Life

Happy Birthday Mom – I am so excited to celebrate your 90th birthday.

I want you to know how much you have meant to me – and really all of us. The best way I can share your story is to recount some of the incredible moments you have made – at least from my perspective. Enjoy.

“Make everyday count” That’s a mantra that I...

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Got Resilience?

courage failure Nov 13, 2022

Let me ask you a question. What makes you strong?

Is it in avoiding challenges, or is it in facing them head-on?

The Resilience Pattern

I’ve read countless books and thousands of stories. In doing so, I’ve stumbled on one common pattern for those that achieve success. Everyone's story of strength is coupled by enduring a season of struggle. The secret to success is not in avoiding failure, but in getting back up when you do.

Think of the stories of Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, and Susan B. Anthony. All three changed their nations for the better – they didn’t just find success, they found significance. Part of that journey was enduring challenges along the way.

You may be familiar with the story of Mandela and Gandhi, but have you ever peeked at the real-life story of Susan B. Anthony?

Susan B. Anthony

I remember being curious about Susan B. Anthony as a young child in the late 70s when the U.S. Mint fashioned a new coin with her likeness....

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Got Alignment?

values Nov 06, 2022

Let me ask you a question.  Would you drive your car if it wasn't properly aligned? 

Let's say it pulls hard to the left.  Are you okay with taking it on the road knowing that it could swerve into oncoming traffic?  I bet not.

So, if you wouldn't drive a car with proper alignment, then why do people live their life without proper alignment?  

It's a fascinating question. I think the reason is that most people don't even know that they are out of alignment. They live life with off kilter and wander. Eventually those who wander are those who get lost. 

There's perhaps an even better word picture to describe the challenge.

The Challenge

Every six weeks or so, I drive about a hundred miles from my home to see Dr. Mike, a chiropractor in Charlottesville.  Dr. Mike is one of the best in the country when it comes to physiological alignment. When I arrive, he measures me to see how far I'm off, and...

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The Importance of Boundaries for Leaders

attitude focus leadership Oct 29, 2022

This past week Barry Smith and Paul Gustavson had a chance to talk about the importance of Boundaries for Leaders.  Let's face it, we get distracted.  In all the noise it can be hard to lead.  The noises come from external voices all around us, but also our own internal thoughts too.

Almost ten years ago, best-selling author and psychologist Dr. Henry Cloud wrote a revolutionary book that is still one of the top leadership reads.  He talked about the importance Attending to What Matters, Inhibiting what doesn't matter, and Maintaining Your Working Memory. 

Paul and Barry talk about some of these ideas on their recent podcast, which you can watch on YouTube or listen to wherever you go to find Top Podcasts.

Paul also shared from his new book a filter tool to help you manage the distractions.  Here's the graphic he described.

The video below reflects the discussion that Paul and Barry had on the show. ...

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Sitting In with Kenny Loggins biographer - Jason Turbow

book hope perseverance Oct 23, 2022

Barry Smith and I had a chance to sit down with best-selling author Jason Turbow recently for the Breaking Average Podcast. We talked about baseball and what it was like to help Kenny Loggins share his incredible story in the recently published book, Still Alright.

Check out the podcast on your favorite podcast platform of choice, or watch the two part interview on our YouTube channel below. 

Part 1

Part 2


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Also be sure to buy Kenny Loggins book on Amazon or wherever fine books are sold.  (You'll love this book!)



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The 12 Greatest Attitude Quotes of All Time

attitude leadership Oct 16, 2022

There is a great scene in the movie Remember the Titans where two teammates are in a huge disagreement. The Captain, Gary Bertier is arguing one point, and Julius Campbell counters with points of his own.  After hearing his argument, Bertier tells Julius, "that's the worst attitude I have ever heard.  Julius responds candidly.  "Attitude Reflects Leadership, Captain."  

It turns out to be a powerful pivot in the movie.  And from that conflict you begin to see an attitude shift in both these leaders that, in turn, changes the character for themselves and the whole team!

Attitude is without a doubt is a difference maker.  I truly believe it.  I could spin a whole blog to share my personal thoughts on it.  But today, I thought why not just share what I think are the 12 greatest attitude quotes of all time.   I hope these 12 quotes impact you as much as they have me.  Enjoy!

(1) "Our attitude toward life determines life’s...

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Think the Truth

attitude faith Oct 09, 2022

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he

– Proverbs 23:7

In an early post we talked about the importance about “being transformed by the renewing of your mind.”   That effort is not a “one in a done” exercise. It takes daily commitment.  The key is to eliminate our misbeliefs and unfounded self-limitations is to think the truth.

One of the things that helps me the most is to create a set of “I am” statements about yourself, about your beliefs.  These are affirmations.  Here are a few straight from the Word about you. Scriptural truth — what God thinks about you — is the most powerful truth there is.

  • I am a child of God, and He is with me. – Galatians 4:6
  • I am a leader of others – 2 Timothy 2:2
  • I am a prophetic voice for God – 1 Corinthians 14:3
  • I am a temple of the Holy Spirit, and He is in me. – 1 Corinthians 6:19
  • I am able share God’s truths with others. – Colossians...
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