How to Make an Audio Book

audible book Jul 16, 2023

My audio for IMAGINE finally hit the streets. I can't wait for you to listen to it.  (Here's the link:

Recently my friend Roger on LinkedIn asked me if I had gone to a recording studio to get it done, and inquired about the steps in how I brought it to life. Here's what I shared back, but also with the inclusion of the SECRET NOTES, which just wouldn't fit in the LinkedIn response.

Roger. I have a home studio for podcasting, that I can use for vocal recording. It's something I enjoy doing when I have the downtime. 

Here are My 12 Steps for making an Audiobook:

  1. Get the right gear - see my secret notes below.
  2. Read your book from MS Word.
  3. Start at the beginning of the book
  4. Don't worry about messing up. If you do, just repeat the phrase. You can fix it in the edits.
  5. Save each chapter individually (and often) as a project in Audacity.
  6. Go back to the audio project and edit out the lines you may have repeated.
  7. Add a stereo...
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