Because those that don't settle for average
are those that who change the world.

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What is Breaking Average?

Breaking average is a mindset that has the power to create movement for you and your team.  We've created a site to support that movement through three different resources: Blogs, Podcasts, Books.  

  • One resource that we'd love to put in your hand, that we call the quick start tool, is a shot e-book called "The 5 Essential Attitudes of a Leader"  (see below).
  • We also have an amazing podcast just for you that focuses on real stories, real people, and real insights..
  • Check out also our books, and blog posts.   

Latest News

Check out the latest blog posts sharing insights and stories of breaking average.

"Welcome to a little side of the web centered on this idea of breaking average. I wrote the book "Breaking Average" and relaunched a podcast with this name because I saw a common pattern. A pattern that started in my own life that I wanted to change. The problem is that too many settle for average and fall short of their potential. BUT THOSE THAT DON'T SETTLE FOR AVERAGE CHANGE THE WORLD. It's easy to settle for the norm. To take the path of least resistance. Yet, those that make a difference, choose to break average. I wanted to collaborate with others to create a site that captured the stories and shared helpful insights. I invite you to check out the podcasts, the blogs, the books, and our Facebook community. Scroll around, and let me know what you think. "

Paul Gustavson
Author, Speaker, Imagineer

Stay focused on breaking average!

If you have a passion  for personal growth or leadership, then let's stay connected.  Occasionally, but not too often. I'll share helpful information and useful resources to encourage those on the breaking average journey. 

Top Podcasts

We have a ton of fun recording the Breaking Average podcasts. Here are some of the recents episodes. Check out the full list on the podcasts tab.

Coach Mosley (pt 1)

Coach Mosley (pt 2)





So, What Does It Take?

We can learn a lot from the failures and successes of other leaders. Here are a few thoughts to consider in your pursuit of braking average. For more tools and thoughts -visit our blog roll, or podcast page. 

Choose to be Creative

f you are not innovating you are dying. Average is sitting on the sidelines and waiting for the future.  Breaking Averaging, however, is actively being in the game and shaping the future.

Shaping the future is about being creative.   How do you create?  It starts with Stephen Covey's Habit, "Begin with the End in Mind", which is about Vision. Creativity is about pursuing that vision by reverse engineering and then building towards it one step at a time.  Steve Jobs says "creativity is just connecting things". He's right! As leaders, we were made to create by connecting.  That's how we add value. The key to creation is not perfection, but the willingness to be imperfect. It’s about having courage despite the fear.  That’s how leaders develop competence.

Focus on Awareness

Awareness identifies your future. Another element of Breaking Average (and the resources and stories we highlight), centers on Stephen Covey's Habit, "Be Proactive". It's about having greater awareness centered on knowing yourself and the vision that you have. For leaders and the teams they support, this is a game changer to breaking average. Want to know the benefits of greater awareness? Here are just a few:

Shapes that vision,
Changes your altitude (yes, gets you higher to see more), and
Raises your lid and those around you.
Sheryl Sandberg says it best, "We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are aware, we cannot help but change." Think of it this way. You are the pilot on a plane -- a plane full of passengers. Raise your awareness, and you raise everybody else's.

Increase Your Influence

Influence propels others to live their future. Let's face it.  Breaking Average isn't about you, it's about those in your care.  What are you going to do to make their world better? Covey also had another principle, "Seek First to Understand Before being Understood."  This is about taking time to understand other people’s values and then casting for them a vision that maps with those values. 

Influence is the measure that matters when it comes to your leadership. As John Maxwell says, "The true measure of leadership is influence -- nothing more, nothing less." When we are not influencing others with impact, we are not leading effectively.  We look to provide and suggest resources that will help increase your influence!

Market what Matters

Marketing invites others into your future. One element of our resources, including masterminds and stories, center on Covey's Habit, "Think Win - Win".  It’s about sharing your vision of what you created to others so that they can benefit and partake. Selling is a scary word for most.  While we were made to create, not all of us may feel well suited to sell.  But marketing isn’t really selling, it’s about sharing – it’s about messaging value to those who need it and want it.  It’s not about your need to sell, but it’s about satisfying other people’s need to buy. It’s about listening and caring for others.

Three Pillars of Support

When it comes to breaking average, there are three pillars of support.: Resources, Stories, and Community


We need resources to help guide us. We have been creating and curating practical resources like books, blogs, and more.  Check out the resources we have available like: Breaking Average, Permission to be Bold, or Leaders Press On.  We also want to put in your hands a quick start guide on the power of attitude!



We need testimonies that inspire us and remind us what we can do to persevere. We created a podcast just for you that dives into the stories and practical application on what it takes to break average. Listen in to various thought leaders in our industry who share their tips on breaking average.   



We need each other. There is nothing better than being part of a group that supports one another.Through community we can connect, encourage, and mastermind on ideas, challenges, and opportunities. We can increase awareness, strengthen creativity, and communicate more clearly,.


Free Resource

Thank you again for visiting the site. I would love to put a free resource in your hands. A simple, yet powerful PDF called "The Five Essential Attitudes of a Leader." Download it today! it comes with a free assessment tool for you and your team.