The Write Mindset - How To Write a Book!

alignment books writing Dec 17, 2022

In this blog I share on why I write and something helpful for writing that I call "The Write Mindset." If you want to be a better writer -- or just have more clarity on what you do as a leader -- or maybe even write a book one day -- I encourage to consider the ideas shared in the short blog.  They have made a difference in my life, and I have a feeling they might have an impact for you too. Enjoy!

I have a new book that I am excited to share that will be released on Tuesday – Dec 20th.  It’s titled IMAGINE, a book about hope and this powerful tool we have upstairs called imagination. 

Imagination, to me, is like our own personal multiverse.  It lets us see endless what-if possibilities.  It can also take us back in time or even forward in time.  And in the present, we use it as an instrument to make decisions. It’s driven by primarily two things hope and fear.  The key to making...

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