Six Ways to Secure Your Goals

Uncategorized Dec 13, 2020

Don't you want to make the most out of life? Well, I have discovered six key ways to make those goals count and embrace life. It's a simple list, but powerful:

  1. State dreams
  2. Examine motives
  3. Consider options
  4. Utilize resources
  5. Remove nonessentials
  6. Embrace challenges

Let's run through these.

State Dreams

A stated dream is more than a wish. It's a clear statement of what you want or desire. It's your internal image of your best possible future. The one you want. What's your desire?

Examine Motives

Once you state your dreams, then identify why? What is important about your dreams? Why does it matter to you? This is important step, if you don't identify your motives you won't be motivated to pursue your dreams.

Consider Options

We've got the "what", we've got the "why", so know we can star exploring the "how." Start by identifying different pathways to start the journey toward the dream.

Utilize Resources

The key to success is often finding the resources that can help them. Resources including other people, tools, systems, faith, and sometimes money. People want to help people -- they are the best resource. Tools are there to help you, but choose the tool that works best - you don't need more distractions. Systems are intended to help you stay the course. Pick a good one. A system can help you with time management, accountability, and keeping boundaries. Faith is a factor that be a difference maker. Don't be afraid of it. Finally, money can help us acquire and gain access to people like a mentors, tools and systems.

Remove Nonessentials

Okay. You've got your dream(s) identified, you got your motives for your dreams, you are starting to identify some resources to help you, but what's getting in the way? What's keeping you from moving forward. Are there things you need to remove and purge that encumbers you from making the progress that you need. Are there distractions that keep you from focused. Everyone of us get tripped up nonessentials. The key is identify them quickly. They are obstacles of your choice, but you can remove them. What are the nonessentials? What quick steps do you need to remove them?

Embrace Challenges

The challenges that you now face aren't there to avoid, but to mark your way. Challenges are often opportunities in disguise. When you are focused on your dream you will always face challenges. Often resistance is a sign you are heading in the right direction. Ask yourself, how can I embrace this challenge? How will allow this challenge to shape me, and grow me and propel me towards my dream?

Wrap Up

Now that you've read this, go back and do it. I encourage you to do some writing. :

  • Write down your dreams (yes, even that one that others might think are outlandish)
  • Write down those motives. (what makes you intrigued with the goal?)
  • Write down the options that come to mine. (opportunities are often options. what are they?)
  • Write down those resources. (look around, who and what resources do you have at your finger tips)
  • Write down what's weighing you down (these are your nonessentials).
  • Write down those challenges that might actually be opportunities. (remember challenges are part of every path, if the are no challenges then you might not be heading in the right direction).

Writing is one of the best resources. I encourage you to reflect on what you wrote. Next, who can you share these with to encourage you and help you. Remember, they are a resource too.


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