Conversation with "Future"

Uncategorized Jan 01, 2021

Hello there. I am Future.

I know we've only partially first met. But guess what -- I am here!

I usually don't share much about myself to folks.  What I offer. What I bring to the table.  Usually, I let people discover me for what I am -- over time. But on this occasion I thought I'd drop in and tell you just a little bit about me. 

You and I are going to be either fast friends -- or potential adversaries. I'd prefer the former. Know this, I am here for you.  That 's my mission.  I'm always around the corner.  Just in front. 

For this year, I want us to start off on the right foot. Here are some suggestions shared from my brother Past.  He gave me permission to share these.  Just so you know, he's a bloody mess.  Things didn't go well for him last year and right now he doesn't have very many friends.  He doesn't want to have the same experience this year, so he told me to jump in and talk candidly with you.

First off what you are going to find is that some people are going to love me, and some people are going turn on me -- and not like me.   For those that love me -- it's for good reason.  Not to brag, but I LOVE to give the gift of opportunity to folks -- everybody really.  That's what I'm all about.

Opportunity comes wrapped different ways and different times.  But that's where the struggle can be for some (and where some people turn on me if they let it). Especially how it get's wrapped. 

Here's the secret -- sometimes you gotta fight through the challenge to open the gift of opportunity.  I mean really fight through it!  I'm kinda like the aunt who likes to use the whole role of tape to secure the gift and you just gotta tear into it to open it.  That's me.  And that's part of the rub.  My brother chastised me that I don't give opportunity lightly.  He's right. Nine out of Ten  (maybe 10 out of 10 times) the gift of opportunity is paired with a challenge or two (or three).  But can I just tell you that opportunity is so worth it? Please don't waste my gift. 

How to Find It

So let me share a tip on how to find it.  Have you ever gone geocaching? Or been on a scavenger hunt?  Well, if you have, then you know what kind of things I like to do.  Most of the time the opportunity I want to give you, you have to go to find where it's buried.  It's like a scavenger hunt or geocaching?   Look for the opportunity.  I beg of you!   It's out there.  And it's intended to be found just by you -- that is until someone else finds it.   You may have to go through some high water, or some thorns, or climb a tough hill -- figuratively of course -- but it's there.   And it's a beauty.   I want you to have it!  

So my suggestion for you is this.   Seek me.  Seek me in the present.  A lot of people DREAM BIG and think of me as this guy way out there.  Yea -- I'm way out there --- I mean WAY out there -- but I'm also right in front of you. Look for the next step without having to worry about knowing all the other steps. Today, I am here. Opportunity is hiding before you. Go. Find. It. 

Then share it. 

Can we talk about sharing? 

If you haven't figured it by now, you should know I am all about collisions and connection.  Your path is going to cross the path of others.  If it doesn't, you are probably on the wrong path.  Ultimately the opportunity that I want you to find doesn't have a name tag with only your name on it -- it's also intended for those you might meet along the way. I don't discriminate. You shouldn't either.

As Future, I'm in everybody's camp -- and I love it when we connect at the cross-roads and the backyard fire-pits of life.  For me - it's about exploring together the art of the possible.  Not just thinking about it - but taking action. 

And by the way  - while we're sitting at the backyard fire-pit -- know this, I love questions.  Ask!  Ask for help.  Ask for insight.   I'm a creation of Faith - and God says, "Ask and it shall be given.  Seek and you should find.  Knock and the door will be opened."

I am Future.  

Let's Journey Together and Make the Most It!

I hope you enjoyed that piece.  I want to put in your hands a cool free tool I created to make the most of the Future in front of you.  It's super simple to use.  Just 5 minutes a day. And a minute on the back end, and you will be shaping Future into some that Past will be happy about.

Here it is.

It's my gift to you!

Enjoy the new year!






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