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The Surprising Truth About Hope and

The 12 Powerful Ways to Invent the Future 

In Paul Gustavson's latest book, find out how to better use your imagination to shape the future and those around you.  

This book is scheduled to release December 20, 2022.  Be the first to receive the official release when it's out!

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There has never been a greater need to leverage your IMAGINATION.


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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt

This brand-new book by Paul Gustavson called “Imagine” is a must have resource for anyone who wants to invent the future, make an improvement in their life, or inspire the lives of others.

Imagination is what brings the future to light. By definition, it is “a mental representation of things that are not immediately present to your senses”.  Einstein calls the imagination a “preview of life’s of coming attractions.” A clear imagination creates a narrative that your mind, spirit, and body will follow. If your imagination is tuned just right, the opportunities and possibilities are endless.

This book explores the 12 powers of your imagination and presents how the OODA loop can be used as a proven guidance system to leverage hope and spark the imagination., Here’s the essence of this framework:

  • Observe – What is the situation? What is going on?
  • Orient – What are the options? How is it impacting me?
  • Decide – What course of action is best? How can I adjust?
  • Act – When should I make the move?

This groundbreaking book takes you on a journey offering rich stories, and the science behind how your brain and imagination are wired. It includes key action steps and helpful tools to help you make the most of your imagination. Bonus chapters explore also the relationship of faith and your imagination.