Those that settle for average are never truly satisfied.

Average is a choice. Don't be average.


Resources To Help You Live, Learn, and Lead 

Breaking average is a mindset that has the power to create movement for you and your team.  We've created a site to support that movement through three different resources: Blogs, Podcasts, Books.  

  • One resource that we'd love to put in your hand, that we call the quick start tool, is a shot e-book called "The 5 Essential Attitudes of a Leader"  (see below).
  • We also have an amazing podcast just for you that focuses on real stories, real people, and real insights..
  • Check out also our books, and blog posts.   

New Book!

The long awaited book IMAGINE is now available on Amazon  Be sure to check it out by clicking the BOOKS link above.

How to Make an Audio Book

Jul 16, 2023

Check out the Podcast

We created a podcast just for you that dives into the stories and practical application on what it takes to break average. Listen in to various thought leaders in our industry who share their tips on breaking average

Listen to the Podcast

Recent Blogs

Check out the latest blog posts sharing insights and stories of breaking average.

How to Make an Audio Book

Jul 16, 2023

Time to Get Creative Again

Jul 08, 2023

You Are Enough

May 28, 2023

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